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Our Israel Trail Journey - May 2022
Accompanied by Aryeh Green, author of the book My Israel Trail

This is your first step!

In a nutshell


May 1-12, 2022


The Israel National Trail crosses Israel from end to end and covers a distance of 1100 km (683 miles.) Walking the entire trail takes several months, full time!  Most people don’t have the time or stamina to do this but want to experience the Israel Trail.


Join “Our Israel Trail” to make it Your Israel Trail!  Over ten days, walk sections of the trail from North to South while also getting to know the people, places, history, and culture of the entire country.


Each day will include 3-4 hours of moderate walking, designed for the average active person to walk comfortably.  Some days will include two tracks, one for those who want a more challenging physical hike.

The rest of the day will be spent learning about the area in which you walk.  Through history, sites, food, people, etc. you will meet the trail and the country.



Throughout Israel, from the northern border to Eilat. 



  • Discover new aspects of yourself

  • Encounter Israel in new ways

  • Glamping in the Negev Desert

  • Learn how to navigate

  • Time for reflection- the kind that can only be done in nature

  • Meet people in their homes

  • Sleep in a variety of lodging types

  • Cook outdoors

  • Spend Shabbat in the Judean Hills

  • Celebrate completing the trail in Eilat

  • Learn about organizations that are connecting people to each other and to Israel

  • Get personal with the land

  • Build community with your co-walkers

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